Meet Myla. She is the Program Coordinator for the Food Service Training at CIWA.

Myla has been working with CIWA for over a year and a half. She loves supporting her immigrant women clients by training them to gain employment in the Food Service Industry. She worked for almost 12 years as a manager for the biggest fast-food chain in the world and was excited to apply her experience on training and recruitment for the Food Service Industry towards helping immigrant women.

Myla first heard about CIWA through a former employee and friend. She decided to apply after hearing that CIWA was a great organization that helps immigrant women and their families.

“I love supporting Immigrant women by training them to be ready and be employed in the Food Service Industry. It is an achievement for me to see my clients get employed after taking the program.”
Myla moved to Canada for a better future for her family, and she is enjoying Canada’s natural wonders and the warmth of the people here. Myla feels blessed to have been able to immigrate to Canada, and to learn how to adapt to Canadian culture and our weather. She speaks Ilocano, Tagalog and English.
“As an Immigrant myself, I experience firsthand the hardship of adapting to changes. That is why I set it as my career goal to share my knowledge, skills and compassion to other immigrant women and be an inspiration to them.”

Myla believes that the biggest barrier immigrant women face is the difficulty in adapting to a new culture and traditions. She would like new immigrants to know that there are a lot of programs in Canada that are available to them in order to overcome these barriers. CIWA is a great example as it offers a wide range of programs and services to address the needs of immigrant women and their families.

In her free time, Myla enjoys boating, hiking, and driving around with her family to experience the beauty of nature.

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