Meet Miriam. She is currently a volunteer and has been working with the Food Service Training Program.

Miriam immigrated to Canada 22 years ago after spending 9 years as an elementary school teacher and teaching at the university level in El Salvador. Since moving to Canada, she was able to learn English and has even managed to earn her Level 1 Certification for Daycare staff. Over the years, she has worked incredibly hard, balancing multiple jobs in order to provide for her children who were very young at the time of arrival to Canada.

From 2005 to 2006, Miriam volunteered with CIWA at the Pebbles in the Sand Childcare. However, she was involved in an accident and needed to spend time healing as well as had to maintain her multiple jobs in order to support her family. These circumstances prevented her from volunteering during that time. It was in mid-2019 when Miriam was able to reconnect with CIWA and has since been volunteering her time by providing in-class support for the Food Service Training Program.

Miriam is a shining example of strength and resilience. She has overcome numerous obstacles and refuses to give up when life throws challenges her way. She constantly strives to be her best and embodies what it takes to overcome adversity.

“CIWA has the power to touch and change the lives of women.”

Miriam is honoured to be a part of CIWA’s mission to empower immigrant women. Volunteering motivates her to get out of the house as well as encourages her to continue to grow and improve herself.

Miriam is very passionate and always smiles even in the face of adversity. She enjoys carving out time to volunteer and loves sharing her experiences with CIWA’s clients.

Miriam deserves this recognition because of the passion that she brings to CIWA every day she comes in as well as her contagiously positive attitude and her constant initiative to take on more responsibility. Her passion for teaching has helped struggling clients pass their Food Safety exams and earn their Food Safety Certification.

Miriam has a passion and zest for life and enjoys sewing, music, crocheting, volunteering in her church, and spending time with her family.

Congratulations, Miriam for being Volunteer of the Month for March!

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