Meet Maribel. She is a client in the Food Service Training program and immigrated here from Colombia.

Maribel immigrated to Canada from Colombia with her husband and 4 children. She describes herself as a positive, friendly, and happy person who loves to learn other languages. In fact, what she enjoys most about the Food Service Training program is that she gets to learn English by speaking with and listening to her fellow peers.

Maribel aspires to work in seniors’ homes because she is passionate about caring for the elderly. After building on her customer service experience through the Food Service program, she hopes to enroll at the Bow Valley College so she can begin her career working with seniors.

Maribel learned about CIWA through her daughter and enjoys the Food Service Training program specifically because she can learn valuable and transferrable skills, such as customer service, interpersonal, and English speaking/listening skills.

“I like this program because I learn more English. When I started in this program, my listening was very bad.”

Maribel is most proud of herself for being a good mother, a good friend, and an honest person, all of which are attributes she values highly. She loves to read, travel, and collect unique coins from other countries.

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