Meet Kounandi. She is currently the Case Manager for the Settlement and Integration Department at CIWA.

Kounandi has been working at CIWA for a year, and she was connected to CIWA after being referred by a former colleague. She most enjoys being able to successfully assist clients by providing them with the services, supports and community resources that meet their specific needs.

“Seeing their confused and sometimes anxious face as they come in due to the challenges they facing in the new country, and change it to a warm smile full of hope and ready to conquer their fears, is always an achievement for me.”
She enjoys working with immigrant women because of the diversity – getting to know, appreciate and understand women with different ethnic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Kounandi sees their bravery in taking up and adjusting to a new culture, and being successful at it. Kounandi is a proud wife and a mother to three children. She immigrated to Canada to seek better opportunities for her family in terms of education, personal growth and well-being. She speaks English, French and Malinke.
“I am most proud of my bilingualism, my ability to connect easily with clients, my knowledge of community resources in French & English, and my understanding of cultural diversity.”

Kounandi believes that the biggest barriers immigrant women are facing currently are domestic violence, stress, anxiety, and financial issues. She is proud that CIWA is championing the end to domestic violence. She believes CIWA’s programs are giving the women impacted a chance to speak up, and get the support they need for themselves, their children, and their spouses.

Outside of work, Kounandi enjoys Volunteering, fitness and Zumba.

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