Meet Ketaki. Ketaki is CIWA’s Program Coordinator for the Fast Track Employment Skills Training Program.

Ketaki immigrated from India and speaks three languages – English, Marathi, and Hindi. In addition to these three languages, she also understands Punjabi. Ketaki started volunteering with CIWA in October 2018, with the Fast Track Employment Skills Training Program, and was hired on at CIWA 9 months ago, first as a Career Counsellor, then quickly promoted to Program Coordinator.

“I see myself in each of these women who are eager to set a foot in the Canadian market but aren’t sure where to start.”
Ketaki enjoys the challenges that her role presents, and works to make the program stand out by introducing new methods and processes to help women overcome barriers in finding a job. She’s eager to know and learn about all of the programs CIWA offers and enjoys looking for ways that she can help support immigrant and refugee women.
“The main barrier I believe immigrant women face is a know-how of the system around them. Not knowing how to approach job search, not knowing how to save money and better their lifestyles, etc. CIWA is playing a huge role in having all these programs under one roof. I think it’s important for a woman to just step into CIWA and she is provided services that she knew she wanted and even services she never knew she needed.”

Ketaki moved countries for a better life and because of Canada’s immigration policies. After living and working in the United States for 9 years, she is glad to call Canada home.

Outside of work, Ketaki enjoys hiking, playing outdoor games, and swimming and considers herself a lifelong day dreamer.

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