Meet Jaeeun. She is the Career Counsellor for the Bridge to Success for Professional Immigrant Women program.

Jaeeun was born and raised in South Korea but has always wanted to live overseas. During her university years, she studied abroad in China and loved it. Before moving to Canada, she lived in Laos and Thailand with her husband.

Jaeeun started as a client at CIWA in 2017, with the Labour Market Bridging for Volunteers: Interpretation and Translation (LMB) program, and was hired on at CIWA a few months after as Project Assistant for the Bridge to Success program, then quickly promoted to Career Counsellor.

“I love the moment when clients email/phone me in wild excitement to let me know that they just received a dream job offer.”
Jaeeun enjoys working with immigrant women because she loves anything international. As an immigrant woman who went through all the agonies many newcomer women face, she can relate well to many issues and offer counselling and advice.
“Professional immigrant women are frustrated as their education and experience from their country of birth are not fully recognized in Canada. At CIWA, we help them recognize their transferable skills and translate their experience into the Canadian context.”

Jaeeun never planned to move to Canada. Her husband wanted to pursue a master’s degree, and Canada just so happened to offer the most affordable option for them. They fell in love with its breathtaking surroundings and open culture and decided to stay. They finally became Canadian citizens last summer.

Outside of work, Jaeeun enjoys playing the piano and violin, petting her cockatiel, and eating sweets!

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