Meet Herly. She is an instructor and counsellor with CIWA’s Contract Work: Finding Your Way Project.

Herly has been with CIWA for almost 10 years. She has played a big role in curriculum design for several employment training programs at CIWA.

Herly was originally from the Philippines, where she worked as a university professor. In 2012, she moved to Canada to pursue greater opportunities and to further her studies and training. She learned about CIWA after she arrived in Canada. She started as a CIWA volunteer, helping several programs and activities. She then joined CIWA as a staff through Modular Training, Childcare Training, and LINC. She is now the Instructor/Counsellor of the Contract Work: Finding Your Way Project.  

In 2014, Herly took part in the inception of Food Service Training, for which she designed the curriculum, delivered and taught the program. With Herly’s contributions, Food Service Training received the Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award in 2017. Herly also co-authored learning toolkits, entitled “Digital Technology” as well as the “Numeracy and Working with Others”.

“I hope that all immigrant women speak, are heard, and find their niche in Canada.”

Herly enjoys being immersed in diversity. She loves learning about cultures and being able to provide support with language skills and work integration. Herly appreciates being part of CIWA’s work toward providing literacy, employment, settlement and integration services that inspire women to become more confident and proactive. She is always proud to see newcomers transition into the Canadian workplace with their unique skillset, education, and work experience.

“I believe in gender empowerment which only happens when immigrant women are given the right training and opportunities to contribute to the community.”

Herly speaks Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano, Surigaonon, and Hiligaynon. Outside of work, she volunteers as a member of the ATESL Advocacy Committee supporting teachers’ causes and conducts research and provides presentations. She is also into poetry, nature photography, and lately podcasting about teaching and learning.

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