Meet Harprit. She is a volunteer with CIWA’s Pursuit of Happiness and is April’s Volunteer of the Month.

Harprit Sandhu was born and raised in India, where she earned her Master’s in English. Prior to moving to Canada, she taught both elementary and high school aged students. While her two children were very young, she and her husband moved to Calgary to provide them with excellent opportunities for the future.

She remembers first hearing about CIWA when she and her family arrived at the Calgary Airport. She received supportive services and quickly asked how she could volunteer. She started as an interpreter with the Legal Clinic, where she provided interpretation supports for clients during various appointments. This was an excellent opportunity for her as it fit well into her schedule, especially with young children at the time.

Harprit recently returned to support CIWA’s Pursuit of Happiness for Immigrant Retirees Project (POH) after taking a few years of break from volunteering. She has been a conduit that allows the participants to receive the information in their first language during group sessions. It not only enabled participants to become more engaged in the sessions but also enhanced their understanding of the available services and resources that CIWA and community agencies provide. In addition to providing interpretation supports, she has also facilitated activities during the online sessions. Harprit has also served as a guest speaker with POH before joining as a volunteer

Harprit has extensive experience working with AHS as an interpreter and willingly shares information on health topics and resources. She is very professional, highly dependable, committed, dedicated, respectful, and a quick learner. POH staff appreciate the positive spirit she always brings with her. She has enjoyed volunteering even during the past few months, where she has honed her skills in facilitating online groups. She has enjoyed watching senior women learn more about technology and how to adapt to using it in their lives.

Harprit’s passion to get to know women and develop meaningful relationships with them radiates as she shares her enjoyment for volunteering. She enjoys being in a role where she can support women, contribute to Canadian society, and use her skills. She is glad to create a space where women have a voice, and are wanted and welcomed. She says that CIWA is an excellent organization that achieves the goal of empowering women.

“When women are empowered their families are empowered, when families are empowered then community and when the community then the world.”
In her spare time, Harprit enjoys reading, exercising, and especially developing friendships with others. She also enjoys spending time in her garden in the spring and summer.

Thank you, Haprit, for your commitment to support and empower newcomer women at CIWA!

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