Meet Elohor. She is a Career Counsellor for the Pre-Employment Skills Program at CIWA.

Elohor was first referred to CIWA upon her arrival in Calgary and has now been working at CIWA for almost two years.

She enjoys working with immigrant women because she gets a chance to know, appreciate, and understand women with different ethnic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. She recognizes the bravery it takes for these women to adjust to a new culture and become successful here. She also enjoys giving guidance and support along the way as well as assisting clients find jobs after a stressful search.

“What I like most about my job is being able to successfully advise clients about their career choices. Seeing their confused, and sometimes frustrated, faces as they come in and watching it change to a warm smile full of hope, ready to conquer their fears as they leave, is incredibly rewarding.”
Elohor believes that domestic violence is one of the biggest barriers immigrant women are facing right now. She is proud to be part of an organization like CIWA because of our unique programs and services that support vulnerable women.
“So proud that CIWA is championing the end to domestic violence and lending much needed support to clients. This is giving the women a chance to speak up and get the much needed support for themselves, their children, and spouses.”

Elohor is a wife and mother of three children (all born on the same day!). She was also once crowned a Beauty Queen in her home country. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, playing puzzles, and dancing.

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