Meet Carolina. She is a volunteer interpreter and is September’s Volunteer of the Month.

Carolina Escudero Alvarado is originally from Peru where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and worked as a coordinator of IT services. She came to Canada to provide her two daughters better opportunities for their future. Carolina is currently working on her attaining a diploma in Information Technology.

Carolina began volunteering for CIWA after successfully completing the Labour Market Bridging for Volunteers: Interpretation and Translation Program. She provides interpretation support to clients at medical, legal appointments, and appointments with social workers. Carolina is also a volunteer program assistant where she helps with various administrative tasks as well as planning special events. During COVID, she supports the Volunteer Program by keeping in touch with CIWA’s valuable volunteers through phone calls. She deeply enjoys connecting with clients and volunteers.

Carolina has a deep passion to help others, especially women. She feels profound satisfaction in making a difference in people’s lives through her volunteer work. She finds joy in being able to support women and direct them to services that are available to them. Carolina also thrives on the administrative aspect of her volunteer work. She feels honored to learn new skills while sharing her current skillset in a meaningful and impactful way.

Carolina said that helping others through volunteerism wasn’t common before moving to Canada. She has learned the importance of volunteerism and says ‘it feels SO wonderful to help’. Volunteering has also helped her see things through a different lens. Hearing the struggles that other women face places her frustrations into perspective.

Carolina has been a shining example that embodies volunteerism for over three years now. She is reliable, flexible, and committed. She is resourceful and problem solver. She has superb computer skills that have benefited the Volunteer Program.

She deserves to be recognized for her commitment and dedication to the improvement of other immigrant women’s lives. Her personal values, and professional attitude combined with her interpersonal skills made her a valuable contributor to Canadian society.

In her spare time Carolina enjoys being physically active. In the past she played tennis, since moving to Canada she keeps active at her local gym. She said that during COVID she is learning how to cook wholesome, healthy meals.

Congratulations Carolina for being September 2020’s Volunteer of the Month!

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