Meet Amreet. She is a volunteer with CIWA’s Youth Mentorship Program and is February’s Volunteer of the Month.

Amreet Gill is currently in high school and has a passion to support her fellow youth. She is a volunteer Youth Mentor and is actively engaged in planning and preparing for the Youth Forum on February 11th. She aspires to continue working with youth as a psychologist.

Amreet learned about CIWA through lunch time programs for girls while she was in junior high. As a Youth Mentor, she supports newcomer youth in reaching their social, academic and personal goals. As a youth herself, she understands the challenges that young newcomer women face, and she sees the importance of one-on-one connection and its impact around mental health. With a strong desire to help newcomer youth flourish, she supports with their integration, helps fulfill their goals and build friendships.

“It’s fun to be a part of a group of girls who can chat away and form meaningful friendships.”

Amreet finds fulfillment in volunteering especially when she can help make someone smile and provide the help they need. Her mentorship role sparks a deeper appreciation for working with different people and learning from different perspectives. She is grateful for the opportunity to invest in an organization with a mission to empower immigrant women and youth to give back to society.

Among many other things, Amreet enjoys reading, poetry writing, learning new things, exercising, practicing mindfulness.

Congratulations, Amreet, for being Volunteer of the Month for February! Click here for more information on volunteering opportunities.