Meet Alazne. She is a volunteer with CIWA’s youth programs, like Immigrant Girls Boys & More. She is May’s Volunteer of the Month. Alazne is a 17 year-old political activist and grade 12 student who moved to Canada from Dubai in 2017. She is originally from Kashmir and aspires to study Political Science – International Relations at the University of Toronto in the fall. Alazne is the founder and CEO of “The Written Revolutions” (TWR), which is a youth-led, non-profit that raises awareness of social justice issues through creative expression such as photography, journalism and poetry. For the past year, Alazne has donated much of her time towards supporting the Immigrant Girls Boys & More Program and was of the four chosen community leaders for CIWA’s Speak Up Speak Out: Open Up About Mental Health. In partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association, Speak Up Speak Out project aimed at dismantling stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental illness within immigrant communities held. In this role, Alazne attended various mental health trainings, designed and delivered two presentations on understanding depression in youth, and supported staff in running a month-long mental health awareness campaign. Her gift of public speaking and her passion for mental health were a driving force behind her huge impact to youth in the South Asian community. Alazne was a guest presenter at four of CIWA’s Youth Empowerment Summits, where she served as an inspiration to youth by showing them that you are never too young for your voice to be heard and to fight for what you believe in. Alazne also committed eight months as a career mentor, where she helped her mentee explore career options, prepare for post-secondary education, and realize her potential. Alazne has a clear and laser-like focus for helping and supporting other immigrant youth. She is deeply passionate about helping other youth discover what they can bring to the table by bringing out their strengths and the very best they have to offer. She can see the impact others can make in society when they are supported in all the right ways.
“t’s almost spiritual giving to the collective identification of society through volunteerism. It has been an honour to be able to support other immigrant youth.”
Alazne continues to impress CIWA staff with her drive to go after her dreams and fight for what she believes in. She is an incredibly inspiring teenager, and she deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and dedication, not only within CIWA but to the community of Calgary. Her ambitions have led her to create a nationally recognized non-profit, where she empowers youth and provides them a platform and space to speak up on political and social justice issues. She encourages artistic expression and uses it as a method to bring awareness to important issues. She also motivates her peers to get involved by providing monthly volunteer and learning opportunities through The Written Revloutions, a youth-led, non-profit that raises awareness of social justice issues through creative expression such as photography, journalism and poetry. At 17 years old, Alazne consistently shows up with professionally with a positive attitude and creative and innovative ideas to offer. She has gone above and beyond to support CIWA’s mission and initiatives in any volunteer position she has taken on. Congratulations, Alanze, for being Volunteer of the Month for May! Click here for more information on volunteering opportunities.