Meet Ainara. She is a volunteer with CIWA’s Volunteer Program and November’s Volunteer of the Month.

Ainara Serrano Saez was born in Spain, raised in Andorra and had also lived in France. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and worked in the area of International Export. She moved to Canada in the fall of 2020 to be closer to her fiancée (now husband) whom she met while vacationing.

Ainara heard about CIWA through a friend and through a referral by another organization where she actively volunteers. She currently volunteers as administrative support to CIWA’s Volunteer Program, where she brings enthusiasm, energy, and a professional attitude. She provides irreplaceable support as she makes phone calls, updates files as necessary, helps with volunteer orientation sessions, and more.

In September, Ainara also volunteered during CIWA’s fundraising at the casino. She helped oversee administration, maintained close contact with volunteers, and volunteered for two shifts – giving above and beyond her role as administrative support. Ainara also gave incredible hands-on approach as she kept personal contact with most volunteers.

Ainara bubbles over with joy and passion for life and volunteerism. She has zest and deep love for helping and supporting others and knows that volunteering for CIWA is a perfect fit. She enjoys volunteering as she is able to support staff and volunteers. She sees how community is being created through the staff and volunteers’ work at CIWA.

“The environment is amazing and staff are incredibly supportive. CIWA staff have shared wisdom with me that carries over into everyday life.”

Ainara loves being able to support women and help them as they settle in Canada. She shares that volunteering is fulfilling, enthralling, and motivating; and that through volunteering, she has been able to come out of her shell, which has been a huge confidence boost. She has learned to be more open minded, non-judgmental, and patient with herself as well as others. She is excited to be in a multi-cultural environment, where she learns about other cultures and how people communicate differently.

CIWA staff thank Ainara for her passion, dedication, and hard work. She is a joy and pleasure to partner with on a regular basis. She has made a lasting impact on the Volunteer Program and the volunteers she’s supported. She is open-minded and openly receives feedback.

Ainara enjoys reading and challenges herself to read French books in order to improve her language skills. She loves being active through walking and hiking. She also likes to try different things and gain new experiences and enjoys visiting the variety of ethnic restaurants Calgary has to offer.

Thank you, Ainara, for your selfless commitment to volunteering and supporting newcomer women at CIWA!

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