Meet Adania. She currently volunteers for CIWA’s New Friends and Neighbourhood Groups Program.

Adania is originally from Mexico and has called Canada home since 2019. Before moving to Calgary, she lived in Saskatchewan and also spent time in China and the United States. She has various interests and hopes to find a job that combines her love for the arts and teaching. Adania is talented in multiple aspects of the arts and has a passion for helping others thrive and succeed.

Adania’s journey with CIWA began with an online search, leading her to discover programs that catered to her growth and her daughter’s needs. Her keen interest in these support programs stems from her own experiences as an expatriate, where she encountered the challenges of adapting to a new country and language. This personal journey has inspired a deep sense of gratitude towards CIWA, motivating her to volunteer and give back to the community that supported her transition. Her decision to contribute is a reflection of her understanding and empathy for others facing similar challenges.

Adania began volunteering with CIWA in the fall of 2022. She initially contributed to the Communications and Marketing team, handling a variety of tasks. Currently, she serves as a group facilitator in the New Friends and Neighbourhood Groups Program. In this role, Adania leads weekly meetings for immigrant women, aiding them in enhancing their English fluency, fostering social connections, and learning about life and culture in Canada. CIWA’s programs are instrumental in helping immigrant women feel empowered, confident, and supported as they start their new lives in Canada.

Adania enjoys volunteering because she loves meeting people, especially other immigrant women. She creates a beautiful sense of community and fosters conversations, gaining knowledge, friends, hope, and more.

Volunteering is “selfish” in a positive way, as you often gain more than you give. I have learned to hold space for a diverse group of women, set healthy boundaries, and be flexible.”

Adania believes volunteering has helped her develop the skill of speaking up without being overwhelming. Passionate about her work, Adania has a strong enthusiasm for CIWA’s vision and mission. She is resourceful, finding creative ways to engage group participants. Her friendly positive attitude, lively energy, patience, and kindness make her an excellent group facilitator and team player.

Adania’s hobbies include art, photography, acting, writing, singing, and traveling.