Featuring the people behind CIWA’s governance: Meet Elena Esina, a member of CIWA’s Board of Directors.

Elena began her journey with CIWA after moving to Canada as a professional immigrant 12 years ago. She was a client, an employee, a volunteer, a business partner, and now a member of the Board of Directors.

She joined the Board in 2020 with a drive to support CIWA’s work on creating gender equity, empowering women, and enriching Canadian society. She is passionate about inspiring immigrant women, showing them that they belong and that they do not have to do it all alone.

“We do not have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.”
– Brene Brown

Elena sees immigrant women as gems in a new country that are yet to be discovered. She believes that all immigrant women not only come to Canada with dreams and aspirations for a better future, but they also bring skills and talents that are crucial for the country’s economic development and wellbeing. She feels humbled to be part of CIWA’s strategic vision, where she can support the opportunities to provide a positive impact on the lives of immigrant women, their children and families, the communities, and the society at large.

Elena is proud to be part of an organization that offers diverse opportunities and customized services for women. She is driven by the courage to show up – both for herself and for others. She believes that if every woman can find the courage to show up and succeed, then we all succeed.

“Little did I know that CIWA will become my family for years to come and will support me through all ups and downs during this journey.”

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