Ifeoma Ngwudike


Ifeoma is the author of The Successful Immigrant Woman: 8 Transformational Strategies to Build Confidence, Be Empowered & Achieve Success as an Immigrant Woman. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant and currently works with CPA Alberta as the Director, Member Products and Services. Ifeoma is also called a Chief Encouragement Officer in many circles. She works with professional & immigrant women who are seeking to discover themselves, with a focus on developing and motivating leaders.

As a professional accountant who has transitioned into different roles including finance expert, educator, coach, consultant, student affairs professional as well as serves on non-profit boards, she brings a unique and authentic voice to how women can boldly position themselves.

Ifeoma has immigrated twice – first to Europe and currently North America. Her training on mental health, anti-racism, sexual violence and leadership; her lived experiences and the work she does with women as well as volunteering with organizations that support our neighbours and friends who may be facing multiple barriers, has exposed her to the many realities of those living on the margin, those discriminated against, the complexities of intersectionality and yet, the beauty of our humanity.

Ifeoma is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend who is fiercely caring. Her mission is to inspire joy and enlighten women.