Gayathri Shukla

Photo of Gayathri Shukla

Gayathri Shukla holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Calgary, and an Executive MBA from Queen’s University. She brings over 17 years of experience, most recently leading the strategy development and implementation of transformation and growth programs in the energy industry. She is also the Founder of Campfire Kinship, a social enterprise creating story-based solutions for diverse individuals and teams to highlight their unique strengths, and build empathy.

Gayathri resides in Calgary with her husband and two children. Born in India, Gayathri first moved to Saudi Arabia, and later immigrated to Canada with her parents and younger brother in 1998. Having lived in 3 countries, Gayathri has a nuanced appreciation of the challenges that comes with adapting to new cultures. She is passionate about applying her skills and experience at CIWA’s Board, and creating a positive impact for the community that CIWA serves.

“I joined CIWA’s Board so I can apply my skills, knowledge, and experiences towards creating a meaningful impact for the community that CIWA serves. I am passionate about harnessing our rich diversity as Canadians. When immigrant women are empowered, everyone benefits – the women themselves, and also their families, businesses, and ultimately, our society.”