Shairoze Damji

Shairoze Damji immigrated to Canada from Tanzania as a child. She grew up in Calgary and completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Calgary, before pursuing a Master of Public Administration at the University of Winnipeg. Shairoze worked as a Policy Analyst for the Citizenship Division of the Manitoba government. Her first assignment was to conduct a review of sponsorship defaults. Her work on sponsorship defaults advocated sponsorship process changes in place of a sponsorship bond that was being considered by the federal government at the time. Shairoze participated in and supported the negotiations for the first Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement and the Settlement Renewal program examining the funding of settlement services. In 1997, Shairoze returned to Calgary to pursue her Juris Doctorate. She currently works as a regulatory lawyer at TransCanada.

Drawing from the immigration experience of her parents, Shairoze has been active volunteer in non-profit organizations working with immigrants and refugees. Shairoze served as Chair of the Settlement Portfolio with the Ismaili Muslim Community working with Afghan refugees and continues to be actively engaged in pro-bono services with Afghan refugees. She is currently a mediator with the Conciliation and Arbitration Board and serves on the Equality Committee of the Canadian Bar Association. In this capacity and during her time at the Family Law Office of Legal Aid Alberta, Shairoze often referred clients to programs and services at CIWA. She became a proponent of CIWA having seen the life changing impact CIWA has in the lives of women and their families.

"I volunteer with CIWA because I have seen the impact that CIWA has in empowering women and helping them find their voice."


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